gestalten is an architecture practice providing holistic innovative design solutions.

The practice is specifically concerned with the authentic characteristics of built environments, the challenges of our contemporary world, and how to respond to the lived experiences of its architectural clients. Today, gestalten is recognised for its unique design projects in urban and suburban areas. These include apartments, offices, private residences, and affordable housing.

What we make

Research, architectural and urban designs. For large complex projects we expand our team in the form of collaborations with other design practices covering a range of disciplines.

What we explore

Built environments, urban and architectural design solutions of contemporary and sustainable nature, physical and aesthetic qualities of building materials, the relationship between perception of architectonic forms, and the spatial organisation, light and
shade within.

Current projects

The architecture practice’s current projects include designs for a new three storey private residence in an inner-city suburb of Melbourne, and the transformation of the public ground floor space of an office high-rise tower in the City of Melbourne.